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Junior Cabinet Candidates

Please take a look at all candidates so that you can make an informed vote

Venkat Ramisetty

Hello Firebirds! I am Venkat and you should vote for me because I will make school a fun and inclusive space for all. I have extensive leadership experience and I will deliver the results you want. I will make sure that all the events are fun and accessible. Vote for me to have your greatest junior year.


Varun Kale

Hello, I am running for Junior Cab and I think I would bring energy and openness to the position. I am usually quite energetic and I like participating in rallies and other school events. I think that the school spirit is very good and I would like to help grow that school spirit even further so that we can feel like we are part of a community. I am also very open to any people that might have any ideas or thoughts on ASB-related events and I would relay those ideas to ASB to discuss the ideas with them.

Kendall Talbert

I have been a part of the ASB class since my freshman year and I'm currently on sophomore cabinet. I have a lot of experience and am very hardworking and dedicated. I will improve next year's events such as junior prom and homecoming to create a positive experience for our class. Additionally, I want to ensure that the student voice is heard through the decisions I will make.

Jaidyn Balsara

I want to be elected on junior cab because i think that I have a really good sense of school spirit and i can make school activities fun and enjoyable. I think i have super positive energy that never runs out and I am a very social person. I’m a very organized person and one of my strong suits is organizing activities and fundraisers. So these are some reasons why you should consider voting for me!

Natalie Chang

I am currently of sophomore cab and through the activities we have managed, I would like to extend our goals. I am the president of the M&M Club, officer of Tri-M, and present in four other clubs. I fully believe I encapsulate the capacity to carry out the values we truly encompass: school spirit, trying hard, and having fun.


Mackenzie Wong

Hey sophomores!! I’m Mackenzie and I’m running for junior cabinet! As a student with a strong-work ethic, I believe that this can translate into my commitment to this position. Being a part of Fremont’s basketball and tennis teams, I have met and worked with a variety of people, building meaningful relationships and connections throughout our school. With my strong sense of teamwork, I strive to bring everyone's ideas together to make Fremont the best it can be! Junior is often known as being extremely stressful but I hope as a member of cab I can improve your experience!

Shrika Punuganti

Hey Class of 2025! You should re-elect me, Shrika Punuganti, for Junior Cabinet! Junior year is going to be the year for connections. With SATs, difficult classes, and preparing for our future, we will be growing stronger bonds and friendships through the hardships of junior year. I aim to strengthen this by creating unforgettable memories for our class through events such as Junior Prom and Homecoming. I hope to introduce fundraisers and more engaging events to elevate our Junior year. These are only a few of my aspirations! Follow or DM me @shrika.p for more! :)

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