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Sophomore Cabinet Candidates

Please take a look at all candidates so that you can make an informed vote

Gabriel Diaz

I have experience with leadership and go above and beyond in everything I do. My experience includes being an active member of the scouts and running for student cabinet in the past. Skills I would bring include decision-making and communication. If I am voted I promise to positively represent the class of 2026.


Tanya Castillo Pimentel

I’m interested in being more involved with Fremont, helping to run events I’m able to assist with, giving everyone a chance to share their opinions to help plan class decisions, socializing with peers of my grade and those in higher/lower grade levels, and to make school more exciting and inclusive for every type of student


Lotem Bar-sade

Hey class of 2026!! I am excited to announce my candidacy for next year's Sophomore Cabinet. As a member of ASB, I understand the significance of considering the views of our classmates in making school-wide decisions. I am eager to enhance our class spirit and organize more engaging events on campus. My involvement in ASB has provided me with ample opportunities to lead projects and collaborate with diverse groups, honoring my skills of passion, courage, and creativity. I would be privileged to apply these abilities in working alongside new colleagues to foster a secure and comfortable environment for all. 


Rotem Ben David

Hi Fremont!
I'm Rotem Ben-David, I’m running for sophomore cab.
I've been in student council since first grade and was Vice President in 8th grade. I’m part of Fremont's Leadership class, robotics team and I like to play chess, hike, and get boba with friends :) 
As an awesome leader, collaboration, communication, flexibility, empathy, and responsibility are all super important qualities.
The most important quality is to be open minded since a leader is supposed to represent and that is what I plan on doing. Vote for Rotem Ben-David for sophomore cab: Your voice matters!

Rotem picture.jpg

Ayush Pawar

Hi class of 2026! I would love to be one of your representatives on Sophomore cabinet. I aim to positively impact your experiences in high school through my passion for leadership. I bring with me a plethora of skills developed from previous leadership and mentoring experiences, such as problem-solving, adaptability, and accountability. My ability to be empathetic and patient will help me effectively represent the voice of all my fellow classmates. I want to bring improvements on campus that will raise student involvement in school activities, make them more enjoyable, and help create a more inclusive environment on campus.

DSC_8848(8x10) PRT (1).jpg

Ryan Wong

Hey Fremont! My name is Ryan, and I am running for sophomore cabinet for the 2023-2024 school year. Here are some of my previous leadership experiences: 2021 CMS Web Leader of the Year, Vice President at Columbia, and Community Service Chair at NJHS. Currently, I am a freshman cabinet member, a varsity Lincoln-Douglas debater, and on the JV boys volleyball team. This commitment to community service, leadership, and perseverance shows my expertise and qualifications. My top priorities are fundraising, class spirit, and clarity between ASB/Cab to the student body. Remember to vote for Ryan on March 23rd!


Chloe Maxwell

Does it feel like you have no say in your school experience? I am running for Sophomore Cabinet so I can use my skills and experience to be the voice of the class of 2026! I will foster a culture at Fremont where students feel included, connected, and well represented. To execute this, I plan to understand the needs and wants of my classmates through surveys, peer input, and more. My time as an ASB officer this year has displayed my ability to achieve these goals effectively. Let’s make the coming year less stressful. Vote Chloe Maxwell for Sophomore Cab!

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