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Sophomore Cabinet Candidates

Please take a look at all candidates so that you can make an informed vote

Shobhit Prasad

Hey, Im Shobhit. My goal is to make sophomore year a more fun time for everyone by having more sports olympias, fundraisers, and more events outside of school that everyone can afford and enjoy. As well as making sure everyone in our grade feels welcomed at school by creating a more inclusive environment. Vote Shobhit For Sophomore Cab.


Tali Sabo

Hey guys it's Tali and I'm here to get you guys to vote for me! I think you guys should vote for me because I am set on making the school a better place for people of all races! Our community is full of people from all over the world and if you vote for me I will happily help to represent that. Vote for Tali for Sophomore Cab!!

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Shraddha Kotakonda

Hey Firebirds!, I'm Shraddha, running to be one of your sophomore cab members. I’m committed to creating an inclusive learning environment for all. One of my main ideas is to create a system where we sophomores can voice our ideas and opinions to further improve our school community! For example, having a say in school events, dances, and many more! If you want your voice to be heard, VOTE FOR SHRADDHA KOTAKONDA‼️


Agastya Raja

My experience in student government and volunteer work has prepared me to be a great cabinet member for our class. As a class representative in middle school, I improved my communication skills by listening to classmates' concerns and bringing them to attention. Additionally, volunteering at our district Representative’s office and at Stocklmeir Elementary School allowed me to work with others and contribute to positive change in our community. These experiences have shown me the importance of teamwork and how actual politicians work. If elected, I will use my prior experience and skills to best aid the class of 2027

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Mohamad Mortada

As a member of the Sophomore Cabinet, I'll unite our class creatively and boost class spirit. With my exceptional social skills and ingenuity, I'm an ideal role model for Fremont High School. As part of this team, I’ll host profitable charity events, exciting rallies, and help create unforgettable memories, all while allowing everyone's input to be valued. Furthermore, being a member of the cabinet requires different perspectives, ones that can provide inclusivity for all; so through collaboration and open dialogue, I promise to work with my peers, guided by our teachers, to make Sophomore year the best one yet!

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Ava Malashock

A vote for me is a vote for fun, inclusivity, and class spirit. As a member of the Freshman Class Cabinet, I have worked hard to create engaging experiences during our Hoco Rally and to encourage our class to participate in spirit days, competitions, and other campus events. My goal is to represent you! I will do this by encouraging participation through incentives for rallies and Spirit days, increasing your voice through Instagram Polls, surveys and takeovers, and highlighting our class through student spotlights. I have 6 years of experience in student government, which help me to serve our class

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Daniella Drenan

As a candidate for the sophomore cabinet, I bring a wealth of expertise and a genuine passion for enhancing the school experience. Having served as a web leader in 8th grade, I understand the importance of fostering inclusivity and executing decision making. My dedication and commitment are evident through my involvement with cross country and Boy Scouts of America, where I honed my leadership and teamwork skills through various activities and challenges. I am eager to leverage these experiences to help improve our campus and make Fremont a memorable and enjoyable place for all students.


Pareena Waingankar

Dear classmates, I'm asking for your vote because I'm committed to bringing positive change to our community. To begin, I have a passion for collaboration so I will do everything in my power to make sure your voices are heard, along with your concerns being addressed efficiently. To add, I am extremely enthusiastic, which has a lasting impact on the presentation of school spirit. Lastly, I would like to organize school events that will bring students together and create memories and bonds that will last beyond high school. Together, we can build a stronger, more unified community.


Vivaan Garg

Dear Firebirds, you should vote for me because I will be extremely transparent and approachable, so you guys can talk to me about things that you want, and I will get them done. I will prioritize your wants that you want so you can enjoy this school year more. I will be taking as much input from the students as possible so we can do what people will truly enjoy. If you know me you know I'm fun and creative, and paired with the ideas and wants of you guys we can make the next school year amazing.

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Soham Sahasrabuddhe

Hey, Fremont! I'm excited to announce my candidacy for Sophomore Cabinet. As a dedicated member of the Fremont community, I bring my experience as a Varsity badminton player to the table. I aspire to boost school spirit for events like Homecoming, rallies, and Olympias while ensuring our class is represented. I plan to enhance communication by creating a user-friendly app, effectively consolidating information from Instagram, fremontASB, FremontTV, Minga, and Gmail. Say goodbye to missed emails - the app will keep you notified about important events. No Instagram? No problem, the latest updates will be on the app. Vote smart. Vote Soham!


Sahana Gautam

I’m Sahana Gautam, and I'm running for Sophomore Cab for the 2024-2025 school year! My goals for the next year include fostering a positive environment, boosting school spirit with exciting competitions, and actively listening to your needs while respecting diverse perspectives. In middle school, I showcased leadership and event organization on the student council, and post-COVID, I helped rekindle school spirit, raising $1,200 for charity through engaging events. My effective communication, teamwork, and leadership skills will drive positive change in our school. Your vote empowers both of us to create a meaningful impact on our school community!

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Vidyuth Pasumarthi

As a dedicated student, I've poured 450+ hours into volunteering and tutoring, and actively participate in FBLA and Science Olympiad, among other clubs. During my 6 years in student council, I boosted school spirit with schoolwide socials, streamlined planning, and skillfully managed events. We're at a point in time where we make decisions that will likely have a heavy impact our futures. With the pressure students face, I wish to provide a healthy balance between academics and relaxation creating a no-stress, thriving school environment. Life's a gamble, but take my bid, do yourself a favor, just vote for Vid.

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Tanishka Sharma

Tanishka’s goal as a sophomore cabinet member is to bring our class of 2027 closer together. She wants to help us win BOTC in our sophomore year and lead fun rallies. She also plans to organize fundraisers so we can start funding ahead to have a great junior prom the following year. Vote for Tanishka to make our time in high school awesome! With Tanishka in sight, everything feels right!


Aadhya Badrinath

Being on a school cabinet demands a true interest in seeing the betterment of our school. It requires hard work and dedication, teamwork and responsibility to unite and better our school. I’ve spent 20+ hours on posters during homecoming season, showcasing my commitment and efforts. I also have excellent time management and teamwork skills from playing badminton for 4+ years, and teaching for 2 years. I can adapt quickly, undertake responsibility, and collaborate well. Utilizing these skills, I will make sophomore year more enjoyable and a truly memorable experience for us all.


Joshua Charnota

Hey, Firebirds! My name is Joshua Charnota, and I am excited to announce my campaign for sophomore cab!! Here are some quick pointers to qualities and attributes I will utilize for cab: Dedication to School Spirit and Community: I'm committed to boosting our school spirit, organizing some amazing and engaging activities, and strengthening our community bonds. Readiness for Responsibility: I'm prepared to tackle the responsibilities that come with planning classwide activities, creating school-wide events, and fostering a positive environment. Proven Leadership and Service: With over 150 hours of community service under my belt I've shown my ability to lead effectively.

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