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Senior Cabinet Candidates

Please take a look at all candidates so that you can make an informed vote

Dhriti Narayan

Hey, if you want the next year, 2024, to be a special year with a lot of fun activities and just super amazing ... then ... please vote for me, Dhriti Narayan, as the school's next Senior Cab member. I will listen to all you, Seniors, and I will use all our power to make the next year the best one yet.

Yash Borkar

Hi I'm Yash Borkar! Voting for me is voting for a passionate, vocal, and outgoing team player. As a varsity baseball player, I show my leadership on and off the field, and can help make out senior year special! With a year in the ASB class already, I have some great experience in planning events, and working with my team to make our school special! With upcoming events in our senior year, I hope to have your vote to make our senior year as fun as possible. I'm excited to run to make our senior year one to remember!

Kyle Steigerwald

Hi Juniors, my name is Kyle Steigerwald and I am running for senior cab! I believe I am capable of this position because of the unique skills and experiences I possess. I display leadership, dedication, and energy, and constantly try to see different viewpoints from others. Additionally, being on junior cab this year, has prepared me for the upcoming challenges that may present themselves in senior year. I am familiar with this position, and if elected, I will be more efficient and strive to do a better job communicating.

Lokesh Kodam

Salutations my fellow students. Throughout our high school years our school has held many events to raise our spirit. If I get elected I will continue that fine tradition but I will take it in a bold, revolutionary new direction, that has never been seen before. I will do this through dedication and determination as I will not stray away from any idea that might be too difficult to accomplish. If you vote me you can be sure that your senior experience will be one that no one could have seen coming, in a good way. Lokesh signing out.

Erika Lauren Ebreo

I represented the cabinet during my sophomore year, so I am familiar with the position. I can also help with artistic values since I like creating projects. I do my best to get along well with others and spend a lot of time improving myself, so being part of the sophomore cabinet is an excellent opportunity to pursue again.

Batoul Mortada

As a member of Senior Cabinet, I will unify our class in creative ways, and promote class spirit. Whether it’s hosting promising charity events, exciting rallies, or a well-planned senior prom, voting for me will certainly be worth it! Being a member of the cabinet requires different perspectives, ones that can provide inclusivity for all; so through my exceptional social skills and clever ideas, I promise to work with students, guided by our teachers, to make our last year of high school the best one yet!

Rory Yau

Hey class of 24! I'm so excited to make sure we have a hyped senior year at Fremont! I promise to make our last year memorable through prom, class rallies, and other awesome senior events! I believe I'm fit for this position because of my dedication and open-minded mentality. I have devoted several hours to participating in class-related events such as prepping for HOCO and rallies truly because I want to enhance our Fremont experience. I hope you consider having me represent our class and Vote RoMoney!!!

Roni Danino

What’s up class of 24! As your classmate, I am excited to run for this position and bring my passion to our class. I’ve gained many different leadership experiences through my Jewish counseling position over the past two years and mastered the ability to make important decisions. I will ensure that everyone’s voices are heard while making exciting senior year plans. Combining inclusivity with my enthusiasm towards bettering our school, I guarantee that all communities on campus will be represented. Let’s make our last year of high school unforgettable. Don't be corny, Vote for Roni!

Anusha Chadalavada

While I am extremely passionate about school spirit, I will do everything in my power to ensure everyone’s voices are heard. As an athlete, I have excellent time management skills. I am a leader and a team player, I’m aware of the challenges and boundaries faced in this community. I will do my best to advocate for YOUR ideas so that we come together as ONE family. My positive energy and dedication brings forth ideas that include flag-football during rallies, hosting cultural events, and encouraging more class competitiveness. I want to make our final year at Fremont an unforgettable experience!

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