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Senior Cabinet Candidates

Please take a look at all candidates so that you can make an informed vote

Jaidyn Balsara

Hey class of 25'! I'm Jaidyn Balsara and you should consider voting for me because i'm energetic, spirited, and hardworking. I want to work to increase our spirit, create class funding, have a memorable prom, and win school events. Please take the time to vote for me!


Natalie Chang

Throughout my years at Fremont I’ve heavily invested in our campus. I’ve been on the varsity tennis team for three years, a prospective four, teaching me much about our athletics program. I’ve also lucky to have been the concertmaster of our chamber orchestra for three years so far, and this has ingrained me in the music community. I’m also a captain of the SD team, so I am confident in my linguistic ability. As for outreach socially, I’ve been a part of cabinet for two years already, and am confident I can bring a great senior year.


Abhiram Balakrishnan

Hey Juniors! My name is Abhiram Balakrishnan and I am running for senior cab. As a non ASB student, I provide a unique perspective that is similar to the common student here at Fremont. With this and the feedback of fellow students I can make Fremont's events enjoyable for everyone. This next year being our last year, I want it to be as memorable as possible. Keep calm and vote for Abhiram!


Izzy Headley

What's up Fremont! I am officially running for Senior cab to make sure the class of 2025 has the best final year!! I want the class of 2025 to go down in history as the most united, most spirited and most inclusive class. In order for you to have the best senior year I would love to hear any and all ideas for events and ways to bring our class closer. I want to emphasize that your ideas and thoughts are what make things better. So don't forget, VOTE IZZY HEADLEY FOR SENIOR CAB!!!!


Neebir Natarajan

I’m passionate and vocal, I care a lot about Fremont. I’m ambitious and have experience in a variety of roles. I have leadership experience after being a camp counselor, and a leadership role in the Fremont IRS where I get to celebrate my culture. I’ve also worked a job as a sales associate at Golfland Entertainment where I was able to learn many skills that apply to the job of senior cab such as collaboration and management. I want to make our senior year the best it can be, so vote Neebir!


Niv Ben-Hador

Hi, I’m Niv Ben-Hador and you should vote for me for Senior Cab. I will do my best to improve the already great class spirit and organize fun activities. I will bring good teamwork and determination to get things done to Senior Cab. We need to make our senior year as fun and memorable as possible and I will make sure that happens. I am eager to have an exciting year as a Senior Cab member and will make your voices heard. Vote for Niv and we will achieve (The best Senior year possible).


Mia Davalos

I deserve your vote because I am very dedicated and passionate to making our senior year the best one yet! I've grown to be more responsible through taking challenging classes while balancing work and activities outside of school. This makes me the perfect candidate for your senior cabinet also am able to handle the responsibility of planning prom and activities that allow students to have fun, feel included, and bring spirit to our school in order to make our senior year the best it can be!


Shahar Engel

I think that I should be voted for as Senior Cabinet because of the experience and skills I carry. In previous years I have always been as hype as possible for my class during rallies and other school events. I have also been in ASB for 2 years so I am comprensive with the events going on and can always keep track of what our class needs. I am a very unique and creative candidate which is why you should vote for Shahar Engel

Shaggy ahh cut.jpg

Lucas Li

If elected to Senior Cab, I will create a greater sense of acceptance and community at FHS. Fremont is a uniquely diverse school, but it sometimes feels like we struggle to connect with each other. I am committed to engaging with the perspectives of different students, which means I will always want to hear your voice. This is going to be our last year in high school, and we have to go out with a bang. A vote for Lucas Li is a vote for our community. Let’s make Senior year the best one yet, together!

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Leonard Wilson

Vote for me, Leonard Wilson, because of the new things I bring to the table. In the past, these elections have been more of a popularity contest but I urge you to vote for candidates that act in your best interests. I intend to bring new, fun events for the seniors and go above and beyond for the class. I’ll organize events that exceed the expected senior events and strive to make school more fun for seniors. If you approach me with problems, I ensure that I’ll resolve them as quickly and best as possible. VOTE LEONARD FOR SENIOR CAB!!!

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