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Junior Cabinet Candidates

Please take a look at all candidates so that you can make an informed vote

Lilly Dasgupta

Class of 2026 should vote for me because I have a lot of experience surrounding leadership, spirit, and being involved in the school. I am confident in my ability to represent our class effectively. If I am elected I am going to work on creating bonds that will last beyond high school, making Fremont more inclusive, implementing more student ideas, and increasing the amount of Stress Less events. Even though Junior year is going to be the hardest year of our academic careers, I am committed to making it the most fun and the least stressful year at Fremont.


Jessica Khoan

Hi, my name is Jessica Khoan. I am running for junior cab and here is why you should vote for me. Well, first off I was in leadership and NJHS in middle school, which means I know how to be a role model and support people's needs. I am also an extrovert which makes me happy to meet new people and listen to new ideas. I have the mindset of always striving for the best and if not, at least trying. Vote me so I can help the class of 26 reach its true potential. Make it known vote Khoan!

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Chloe Maxwell

Vote for Chloe, an experienced candidate, with two years in class cabinet and one year in ASB class. I bring a record of dedication and hard work, consistently putting in the hours to serve my class. I am experienced and committed to serving our class with hard work and enthusiasm. I plan to improve class spirit in addition to implementing systems for student feedback. I am a leader who not only has vision, but the experience to execute. Vote for experience, vote for dedication, vote for a leader you can trust. Vote Chloe Maxwell for Junior Cabinet!

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Maya Reuven

Hi! My name is Maya Reuven and I am so excited to be running for your Junior Cabinet. I have been in ASB for the last year, worked as a gymnastics coach for 2, and been on the board for a leadership organization for 3 years. Throughout this time, I have learned so much about what it means to lead and listen to the voices of others while working in groups. I plan to implement this as your Junior Cab member to make sure we have the best year yet! Stay Fiya, vote Maya! 🔥


Aarushi Kulshrestha

Ready to build the future, Fremont? Then vote for Aarushi! From shaping the Blood Drive to curating unforgettable school dances, I've proven my passion to make Junior year extraordinary. Leadership in ASB, Red Cross, and Science Olympiad give me the expertise to elevate our class experience. But here's the real deal – I'm not just here to lead; I'm here to listen. YOUR ideas drive our events, capturing our vibe. Approachable and transparent, I'm all about your input. Let’s embrace the 2026 spirit! For a confident, experienced Junior Cabinet that's all about YOU, vote Aarushi, and let's make history together!


Sam Castillo

Hey Fremont! It's Sam Castillo and I'm running for Junior Cabinet for next year! As a member of next year's Cabinet team, I oath to ensure satisfaction and delight of our junior year as a whole, making rallies and class events and prom things to cherish forever. With your vote, you'd ensure great success for an eventful school year, a list of memories to talk about later in life, and something to look forward to while you're in high school! Sam I am, remember to vote for Sam!!!!


Ayush Pawar

Hey Fremont, my names Ayush and I'm running for junior cab. I am a member of sophomore cabinet, a varsity debater, an FBLA demon, and an academic weapon. I play water polo and swim and am currently D1 committed. I want to bring improvements on campus such as making Olympia games more inclusive, scripting rallies with better plots, and organizing a more hype homecoming. Make sure to vote Ayush on March 21st


Mahesh Kodam

Hey Fremont! My name is Mahesh Kodam and I am running for Junior cab and I need YOUR support, so on the 21st make sure to go to infinite campus and VOTE MAHESH. I will make sure your junior year will be unforgettable with events such as Junior prom. I also have vast leadership experience which will ensure fun and vibrant rallies. So next thursday when the time comes VOTE MAHESH.

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