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ASB Cabinet Candidates

Please take a look at all candidates so that you can make an informed vote

Aryen Palkar

Hello Fremont. As a veteran in the ASB class, I have led numerous projects such as Fremont Tv and the creation of the ASB website you are browsing. I've gained experience in managing finances and made a profit of $10k from the stock market at age 15.Through experiences such as president of investment club, and competitive internships, I have gained critical team skills that I intend to utilize in this position. I'll work hard to ensure that every student has the necessary resources to thrive in high school. Choose experience, choose leadership, choose me.

Aryen Palkar


Ayush Pandey

Greetings, Fremont! I consider ASB Cabinet an honor, a privilege, and something that requires an immense amount of passion and hard work. Leadership has always been a significant part of my life, and I hope to bring the skills I have culminated over the years to ASB Cabinet. Currently, I’ve been in ASB for three years giving me the unique opportunity to be further immersed into our Fremont community, as well as learn about what it takes to be a leader from my peers. I intend to work hard and provide you all with an exquisite 2023-2024 school year!

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Sanika Bidarkar

Hey Fremont!
My name is Sanika, and I’m running to be your ASB cab rep. I am a thoughtful, open minded, experienced, and dependable candidate, and I have been in ASB, IDC and served on Freshman cab. I want to make our high school experience the best one possible, and my goals for next year are to create an environment that encourages and supports all students, by strengthening the sense of community across the student body. I want to make the 23-24 school year memorable and special!
Vote Sanika for ASB cab!!

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Sarah Branch

Hi Everyone! My name is Sarah Branch and I’m running for ASB Cab! As your ASB Cab member, I willl work hard to spread school spirit, specifically focusing on bringing more energy and excitement to our sporting events, rallies, and spirit weeks to build Fremont culture into something that we are all proud of. With my leadership, we can create a positive and inclusive campus community where everyone feels welcome and supported. I promise to be the branch that connects you to an amazing school experience. So don't leaf me hanging, vote for Branch, and let's grow something amazing together!


Krishna Kemisetti

Fremont’s an amazing school, full of amazing people like you! You deserve a strong ASB cab & I’m your guy for the job. Being on 2025’s cab for 2 years, being in ASB, and having been on multiple ASB commissions, I know how ASB works and how to lead it. I’m a key part of Fremont TV, which is the envy of other schools in the district, and created the ASB website, this very website you’re using. I will make ASB more transparent, increase student participation, and ensure that we’re listening & working for you! Vote Krishna, and I’ll deliver!


Julia Johnsen

Hello Fremont!! For the past two years, I’ve enjoyed representing the class of 2024, and now I am thrilled to represent the entire student body! By running all clubs, leading the class of 2024, and building our field hockey team, I have increased student engagement and improved the school's environment. If I’m elected, I will advance initiatives that not only engage students, but also give back to the community. I’m so proud to be a Firebird and hope to make everyone feel safe and comfortable while having fun at Fremont. Vote for JULIA and next year will be our year!!

Yash Saswade

Hi Fremont! From leading the tennis team to working with fellow FBLA board members, I’ve grown close to our school while developing a wide array of skills. My work in ASB has led me to value inclusivity, but I’ve noticed how our events don’t always cater to everyone. Being involved with every Olympia event taught me how to create a fun environment while embracing diversity. For the upcoming year, I'll work hard to create new events that include everyone’s interests, so we can all grow together as a community. Vote Yash: One for All! Thanks!

Saisujan Kotakonda

Hey Fremont! My name is Saisujan and I'm running to be your ASB Cab Representative. With my extensive experience as an ASB member and leader in various programs such as Project Cornerstone and Science Olympiad, I am confident in my ability to deliver tangible results. As your ASB Cab, I will prioritize transparency and inclusion, ensuring that every student's voice is heard. I’m charismatic, competent, reliable, and determined. Through my dedication to improving the lives of the student body, I will focus on providing resources such as mental health support and academic tutoring. Vote for Sai and watch Fremont fly!

Izzy Headley

Hello, my name is Izzy Headley! I am very excited to be going into my Junior year at Fremont. Fremont is a great school, but there are some systems and traditions I would like to improve. If you elect me for ASB cab, I will strive to include more of the student body in rallies, events, and spirit days. As I have been in the ASB class this year, I would like to make it one of my top priorities to ensure all student voices are heard. I hope you vote Izzy Headley on to ASB cabinet.

Rose Madsen

My whole high school career I have put my all into student leadership. From being on freshman and sophomore cab to being a member of the ASB class for 3 years, I would say I've paid my dues. I was a founding member of FremontT.V my freshman year and now I get to write the script for it every week. Each of those horrible dad jokes is mine. If there is anything I can do to make more amazing projects like this a reality, I'll do it. Voting Rose for ASB cab is the fastest way to make it happen.

Brian Goldshtein

As an immigrant speaking 4 languages, with experience in multiple student groups and leadership positions, I'm well-equipped to represent the diverse student population's needs. My mission's to hear the voices of all students and push for positive change at Fremont. I founded the FHS Science Olympiad program, hold positions in Student Council, LINK Crew, JV Basketball captain, SciOly, and WEB in CMS, and currently help oversee +80 clubs on campus (driving reforms to Clubs Bylaws that make the student experience more equitable/smoother). With your help, I will push for positive changes that meet the needs of our school community.

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