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ASB Cabinet Candidates

Please take a look at all candidates so that you can make an informed vote

Dhruti Halambi

HEY FREMONT!! Lost on who to vote 4 ASB Cabinet? For the past three years, I have served on Leadership, starting off on Freshman Cab, then becoming a valuable member of ASB (Leading the Blood Drive, Stress Less Weeks, Student of the Month), and representing FHS as secretary of FUHSD IDC (Exchanges, IDC Fantastics). With all of these experiences, I have learnt exactly what Fremont needs to succeed - spirit, connection, and resources - and will make it my primary mission to provide all of this and more as part of your ASB Cabinet. So, call Dhruti if You Get Lost: 1800-VOTE4-DHRUTI


Kendall Talbert


Hey Firebirds, after being on ASB since freshman year, I’m thrilled to announce my candidacy for ASB cabinet. With my extensive experience in student government, I’m confident that I can contribute to creating a more connected environment within Fremont to bolster school spirit, as well as enhance access for students to gain opportunities. Your support and vote ensures this upcoming school year will be filled with unforgettable memories, making it the best one yet.

Shrika Punuganti

HEY FREMONT! I'm Shrika Punuganti, and I'm running for next year's ASB Cabinet! You should vote for me because I am passionate and experienced: As a part of ASB, I have familiarized myself with the structure of our school's leadership and believe that I have what it takes to elevate it. I've also learned how to effectively lead school initiatives as a member of Class Cabinet for two years. I will commit to Cab's responsibilities because I truly care about our school experience. Vote Shrika for ASB Cabinet!! I promise to make our next school year the best one yet!


Ryan Wong

Hello Fremont, my name is Ryan Wong, and I am running for ASB Cab! Currently, I am a part of the ASB Tech Commission, where the highlight videos, that I edited and produced, for our football and basketball teams have generated over 50k views and over 1k likes. I hope to bring my tech knowledge to my campaign goal of transparency. I aim to achieve this by creating monthly timelines of ASB events, creating recaps of those events, more behind-the-scenes footage of what ASB does, and much more! So with your support, you can't go wrong, voting for Wong!

the only other chinese guy running.jpg

Krishna Kemisetti

Greetings Fremont! Leading the ASB class is an immense privilege to earn and something that I do not take lightly. I have had the honor of being a part of leadership for the past three years. This has given me experience in solving the struggles our student body faces, and has prepared me for the responsibility that ASB cabinet demands. Serving on your ASB cabinet, I will draw on the support that my peers give me and work hard to make Fremont a more open and wonderstruck place for everyone. Thank you and god bless.


Rotem Ben David

Hi Fremont :D During my time at Fremont, I've had the privilege of working with many amazing students and learning about our school community. By dedicating countless hours to ASB tech projects, participating in robotics, sprinting on the field hockey field, and planning fundraisers, I've experienced many unique aspects of Fremont. With these experiences, I aim to bridge gaps between students, enhance our school spirit, and create a place where everyone's voice will lead to meaningful change. From organizing more engaging school events to ensuring transparent communication, I will make everyone feel welcome and safe at school.


Brian Bahr Goldshtein

I’m a rising senior from a multicultural background speaking 4 languages, with a strong proven record in multiple student initiatives and leadership positions – from founding FHS Science Olympiad, to overseeing the 90+ clubs on campus (with introducing reforms to the Bylaws), and more. Already being a part of ASB Cabinet this year, I worked on Events that included more of our diverse FHS groups. Next, I strive to incorporate more student voices to events and decision-making. I will make sure that YOUR opinions are valued and heard, and with your help, I will continue pushing for positive change at Fremont.

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