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What Fremont ASB Does

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ASB Commissions

Student Engagement 

ASB Commissioner for Student Engagement 

Brian Bahr Goldshtein

At Student Engagement, we are striving to plan events and competitions at Fremont which aim to target as many different interest fields as possible. For example, ASB has planned Athletic Olympia events over the years, where students who don't necessary engage in Athletics could compete in traditional sports like basketball and football. This year, we are aiming to expand this vastly - not only to more nontraditional sports, but also try to incorporate strategy games, small & large team competitions, and even engineering & building tasks. A spikeball tournament? A boat-building competition? The sky's the limit! We'll also be planning all of the STEM-related projects & events at Fremont, an extension of and in collaboration with the STEM programs on campus.


ASB Commissioner for Communication

Julia Johnsen 

Our primary objective is to ensure transparency and effective communication with the student body here at Fremont. Within our commission, we focus on several significant events. One event is the Power Hour, held once a month, which offers you the opportunity to share your input and feedback with the ASB class. Another new event this year is TEDxFremont, where students can openly express their viewpoints with the Fremont Community. We also organize Multicultural Night, providing a platform for the diverse student body at Fremont to showcase their unique cultures. Additionally, we take on projects like campus beautification, enhancing the environment with more color and motivational messages. Communications also oversees the technological aspects of ASB ran by Krishna, Sai, Ryan, and Dhruv.

Campus Connection 

ASB Commissioner for Campus Connection 

Rose Madsen

Campus and community is dedicated to increasing connection within and between both groups. We focus on fostering a positive  environment throughout our campus by recognizing the students, staff and teachers who make it so special. This year we will also be running the Fremont Fire Pit, a little bit differently than it was last year. We will use the branding to increase student attendance at different types of events across campus. This will hopefully include arts and stem events! We are also focused on increasing Fremont's connection to the greater bay area community at large. We will do this by continuing our partnership with the Stanford blood drive as well as expanding community volunteer opportunities such as second harvest.


ASB Commissioner for Spirit

Sanika Bidarkar  

Our commissions main goal is to make sure that Fremont’s school spirit and culture is kept alive throughout the school year, and we hope to make this possible through traditional as well as new events and activities to help boost morale and connection across our campus.  This year Spirit will be organizing Homecoming, Winter and Valentines Day Grams, as well as Spirit Weeks and activities! A new monthly event we will be hosting is called Fremont Featured, featuring different activities, that help to showcase special groups and students on campus, to establish a place to create and celebrate connections with the people around us. Spirits Main initiative increase the energy and spirit across campus, to make sure that we all have a exciting and special school year ahead.

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